Who is the Real Katie?

Yes there is a Katie, and she may appear at your event on weekends or during the summer when not in school.

Where do you cook the pancakes?

We bring a Griddle to your location. We serve them hot and fast, so catch em if you can!

Do you offer a kids price?

Yes, kids under age 4 are $1.00 per plate. We need to keep a count to subract at the end of the event.

What does the customer provide?

We require a suitable inside location(school, church, gym, warehouse, breakroom, etc.) 1-2 Volunteers for prep and clean up and two tables for a serving line.

How far in advance do you book an event?

365 days in advance. First to schedule an event, first served.

How long will you serve pancakes?

We can serve MOST groups within three hours. If you have over 1200 people, we can stay longer or bring two grills.

How far will you travel?

Currently all throughout Ohio and neighboring states. Mileage is charged on all events at $.60 per mile round trip. Hotel costs are $135 per night.