My theater is sold out. What do I do?

The special will now be available in most locations December 1-10, so please look for all the available showtimes. If there’s nothing available, please contact your local theater and let them know you want a ticket.

I can’t go to a theater. Will I get to see this brand new episode?

Of course. Like with every Chosen episode ever, and as Dallas explained in our livestream, this special will eventually be free and easy for you to watch all over the world. Once it’s released in theaters, we’ll announce when it’ll be available free and easy elsewhere.

How do I do group tickets or even rent out an entire screen?

At the bottom of this page you can find links to group sales for different theater chains. The website for your theater will typically have contact info for group sales as well. They’re happy to work with you and are aware The Chosen Army likes to bring friends!

How do I host a screening at my local church?

You can book a screening at your local church with Fathom partner Faith Content Network. Showings will be available December 3 - 15. They even handle the ticketing process for you. Simply visit this website, fill out the form, and they will be in touch!